White on White

One of my good friends, Rose, and I decided to grab some coffee in downtown Fullerton. We got some bomb Sea Salt Cold Brew at Layer Cake and decided to snap some photos around the area. We found this awesome brick wall with the perfect lighting so we went a little crazy.

I like wearing white on white, especially on hot days. You just end up feeling much cooler because black attracts more heat/white takes in less. I broke up my basic white T (BDG) and shorts (F21) with my Express denim top casually tied around my waist. I added a few bracelets but nothing too crazy to add some detail. I’m wearing a chelsea boot with fun cut outs. The pointed toe also elongates my legs, which is always a good thing.

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Rose was wearing a hat that day, so for a couple shots, I threw that baby on.

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Felt a little Michael Jackson-esque… Now if only I could dance Billie Jean like him..


Our coffees are almost gone… ):

Rose was wearing black and black while I was wearing white on white. Just a fun little coincidence.

Just being our usual weirdo selves. We weren’t sure if there were people on the other side, and we wouldn’t have really cared if there was. Stay Weird.

sign off


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