Verve Coffee Roasters in DTLA

Verve Coffee Roasters.

If you love instagram like I do, chances are you’ve seen all those artsy little pictures from your favorite bloggers and trendy friends of a juice flight. That’s Verve. On a random Saturday, I decided to drive up to DTLA with Jess and spend the afternoon checking out/buying books at The Last Bookstore, reading said books at Verve, while drinking juice flights and nitro cold brew. Solid.   12096114_10153212903519677_8554340180324010387_n  12122790_10153212903359677_5031445574512676410_n

If you’re a hardcore juicer, chances are, you’ll appreciate these. Most of them are pretty palatable, but I’m not a hardcore juicer. So, my favorite one was obviously the strawberry pineapple orange one. The green milk was also pretty awesome.

The nice thing about Verve juices is that a lot of them are in these cute bottles, so it’s ready to go!


But of course my true love is the cold brew. Their nitro cold brew is so smooth, full of flavor, honestly, one of the best nitro cold brews I’ve tasted.

I picked up All the Light We Cannot See (WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND), The Kite Runner, and Unbroken. I had just finished The Book Thief, and was looking for a few new good reads. I didn’t know it at the time, but I guess I’m into the WWII era novels. Not because I romanticize war, but because the struggles and stories that come from such a difficult time like that are just incredibly inspiring.

We spent a couple hours there, and to be honest, we didn’t get much reading done. I love going to coffee shops with a book, but I don’t mind if I end up lost in good conversation with a friend. We just talked about life, and eavesdropped on some property rental meeting or something.. Don’t judge me. It sounded interesting.

After Verve, we went in search of food and found this really great taco place called Guisados.


We got their little sampler platter cause we couldn’t decide which taco to get. We were not disappointed. Great bites of savory, spicy, sweet. Everything you’d want in a taco.. or..tacos.

And because it was a Saturday, the traffic to and from DTLA back to Anaheim wasn’t terrible.


It’s really nice to be able to spend time in a busy, bustling city like DTLA for an afternoon,  and then retreat back into my suburban bubble. Life’s good.



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