Top 5: Food&Drink Obsession

1. Porto’s Bakery Fruit Tart Cake12122774_10153212901224677_7687349056213601264_n


Okay. This cake. Will change your life. It’s not the best picture, and I hate putting up pictures that I don’t LOVE on my blog, but this cake was so delicious it was worth it. My friend had it for her birthday a couple months ago and I’m only raving about it now because I found out that a Porto’s (which is where this cake is from) is opening right near my house. It sparked my obsession with this cake once again… Porto’s isn’t going to be open until Spring 2016, but that’s beside the point. I just thought back on this cake and now I think I need to make a trip to Downey to fulfill this craving….

2. Starbucks Cold Brew


So basic. I know. BUT. I have always had an obsession with cold brew. The less acidic, smoother, flavor packed taste of cold brew is my FAVORITE way to enjoy an iced coffee. And ever since Starbucks brought it onto their menu, I have gone back to my college habits of Starbucks all day ‘err day. It’s terrible. But by terrible I mean SO. GOOD.

3. After’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

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After’s is notorious for having LONG LINES out the door well past their closing time. And let me tell you my friends, if you have a sweet tooth craving, this indulgence is WELL WORTH the wait. You kind of have to get their ice cream with their milky bun. Not that their ice creams aren’t worth getting alone, but their milky bun is what really completes the After’s experience. I personally love getting the glazed milky bun with their milk ice cream and top it with frosted flakes. The milk ice cream itself is not that sweet, so I find it gives me the best balance in all the sweetness.

4. Gin Daisy Cocktail


I’m hesitant to put this on my list because I can’t exactly disclose the recipe… I think. I just know that it’s a recipe that someone has worked on perfecting for a LONG time, and I wouldn’t feel right publishing it on my blog. But it’s all the ingredients you see here, plus some lemon juice. I’m not much of a gin drinker, but this is by FAR the best cocktail I’ve ever had. My obsession with this cocktail had me drinking it far too many days in a row.

5. Skirt Steak Tapsilog from Bakers & Baristas




Skirt steak on a bed of garlic rice, topped with a sunny side up egg. YES. This is all my obsessions for food in one. Meat, carbs, and eggs, which just make EVERYTHING better.



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