Target Tips & Tricks

target tips and tricks

We love Target. We love everything about it. It is our happy place! They teamed up with Altuzarra this time around. Everything is GORGEOUS. Target has really been on top of their high-end collaboration game. If you haven’t seen the products yet, you should definitely go check it out. However, as the quality goes up, so does the price. And as an avid Target shopper, here are a few tips to help kick off your shopping spree.


  • ┬áSize L, XL, XXL, Maternity? Go STRAIGHT to the sale section. Those sizes are the most commonly found over there. Who knows where all the littles went? Even if you’re not normally a L-XXL, wearing looser clothes is a great way to give you that “just thrown on” effortless look. Pants are a little harder to wear in the wrong size, but tops? It’s open season. Basically, check the sales first! You don’t know if there are some hidden treasures.
  • Size XS, S, M? Go STRAIGHT to the children’s section. If you’re pretty average in height and weight you can probably fit the XL there, and it doesn’t have to be just for those Hello Kitty shirts. I’m looking for winter coats and jackets that are SO much cheaper. If the shoe fits, why not? And according to the first bullet point, the sale section over there has some larger sizes too.


  • You know those little red stickers that make you want to snatch up everything in eyesight? Take a deep breath. Look closely.
  • Does it end with an 8? It’s going to be marked down again
    • If there’s a lot of them, just wait. It’ll be marked down even further.
    • If there’s only one. Well then, Viva Las Vegas. You are going to have to gamble for the price!
  • Does it end with a 4? Snatch it up! That one’s hit ROCK BOTTOM. Go go go!


  • Stores have a set schedule when it comes to what goes on sale. Take a look at Target‘s!


    • Their website has coupons and daily deals that will come in handy. It also has a lot of things that are online only. And on more than one occasion, I have found something that I had bought in the store on sale online. Check first!
  • Red Card
    • It gives you 5% off every time you shop. If you’re more of an online shopper, it’s free shipping for you! I’m pretty sure you’re only allowed to use it at Target though. Still, if you’re anything like me, you do a majority of your shopping there anyway!
  • Cartwheel
    • Target has launched an app for coupons and savings. It doesn’t hurt to check and it’s so convenient!

Who doesn’t like saving money? Take that extra money and save up for a splurge! Do a good deed! Go to that nicer restaurant! BUY THAT CUP OF COFFEE! GO NUTS!

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