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Warning: long post ahead, but I’ll try to make it worth your while (:

With the new year comes the resolutions. For some of us, it’s to dress better, put some more thought into our outfits for the day, spend money on new clothes more wisely, etc. So I thought it would be appropriate to do a post on taking fashion inspiration from style icons. Let’s be real, any of us who are even remotely interested in fashion have been taking fashion inspiration from magazines, celebrities, etc. We have looked up photos on pinterest, instagram, or google and tried to create outfits similar to their’s. Is this only me….? Half the time though, they’re wearing designer, or some elaborate one-of-a-kind type thing; and the other half, you just don’t have the right items in your closet. I have three simple guidelines to creating your own bangin’ outfit by taking fashion inspiration from a photo.

1. Color Palette

This is one of my best friends: Madeleine. If you take a look at her instagram, you’ll see that Maddie constantly mixes prints and colors together to make some popping color outfits. With this outfit, she makes the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue work SO WELL without looking like she belongs in kindergarten.

taking fashion inspiration from style icons color
The first guideline to taking fashion inspiration is keeping the color palette similar.What immediately grabs my attention about an outfit are the colors. It’s the most basic thing that people see. Even those who aren’t super fashion conscious could probably spot an odd or awesome color pairing.  Chances are, an outfit has captured your attention because of the colors. In this case, it’s the primary colors: yellow, red, and blue. She kept the outfit from looking childish by dressing in basic/sophisticated white button up and slate grey jeans. She added the pops of color with the mustard yellow jacket, red plaid scarf, and a pop of royal blue flats. If you have all of these things, great! You’re done! If not, let’s break this outfit down: the keys to this outfit are basic jeans and button up with colorful accessories and outerwear.

Pants: You may not have dark grey jeans. Black? Or you can even swap the colors by wearing white jeans and a grey top.
Sweater/Scarf: If you don’t have a yellow jacket, how about red or blue? Just keep it a bright solid so that it doesn’t clash with the printed scarf. However, if you have a plaid jacket, then go with the solid scarf. Just make sure they’re contrasting colors/patterns.
Flats: Swap up the bottoms as well, if you don’t have blue flats you can try blue jeans with black flats!
Top: If you don’t have a basic white button up, GO GET ONE. No excuses. Move!!

2. Proportions

A little background on proportion: It’s EVERYTHING when it comes to how you dress. You always want to be mindful of your body type, accentuate all the right things, make your legs look long, your waist small, etc. Basically, anything that’s “flattering” to your shape. Something like a t-shirt dress gives you.. how should I put this? The body of a 5 year old.

That’s why I love this outfit that Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere put together. She pairs a t-shirt dress with a moto vest that shows smart layering and toughens up the look.

proprotion taking fashion inspiration
Her loose/low pony, bright cherry lip, striped t-shirt dress, and moto vest all go SO well together.  It has that rocker chic look to it without trying too hard. When I’m taking inspiration from style icons, I try to figure out WHAT is it that makes it work? Her black booties cut her off at her ankle, so it’s important to wear a thigh high t-shirt dress, or you run the risk of making your legs look short. She also wears a black moto vest that stops a good 6 inches above her t-shirt dress hemline making the layers look good together. If you wear a cropped vest, it won’t flow as well as the outfit above. I also love the fact that she mixed stripes and leather together (I’ll talk more about textures and prints in the next bit).

*Helpful Hint: If your t-shirt dress is longer than Emily’s, wear heels rather than ankle booties. It will elongate your legs rather than cutting them off.

3. Textures/Patterns

In this outfit, there is denim, cable knit, plaid, and leather. All fairly basic staples of a fall outfit, but the combination of these different textures will be what takes your outfit from boring sweater and jeans to an #OOTD worthy post on instagram.

taking fashion inspiration textures

Again, feel free to swap out any of these patterns/textures. If you have a plaid shirt that you want to pair with a cable knit scarf, go for it. As much as I love basics, adding interest to your outfits is as easy as adding textures and prints. So next time you want to go for that plain sweater, try grabbing the cable knit or the polka dot one. They’re both classics that won’t go out of style.

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