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Restaurant Review! The end of the year is hectic and fun for so many people. Who doesn’t love the holidays? But it’s especially busy for the people in our family (we are basically sisters) because we also happen to have the most birthdays to celebrate from September-December (on top of all the holiday festivities). It usually means your scale is hurtin’ because of all the grubbin’. BUT! Our awesome friend, June, introduced us to this delightful little place called Seasons 52. This place has a new menu every season, inspired by the seasons! (hence the name, Seasons 52..) On top of that clever little idea, EVERY single dish is under 475 calories. WHATTT??

We know. We know. Take a second to wrap your brain around that fact. Yep. And before you go thinking it’s some vegan, botanical garden on your plate, leave very hungry for the night kinda place, it’s not. We were all so surprised at how full we left the restaurant.

1. Foodquail scallops and flatbread
Top to Bottom: 1. Roasted Manchester Farms Quail 2. Trio of Roasted Mushrooms Flatbread 3. Caramelized Grilled Sea Scallops

sprouts salad filet squash
Left to Right: 1. Caramelized Brussel Sprouts 2. Oak-Grilled Filet Mignon 3. Roasted Harvest Squash 4. Warm Harvest Mushrooms and Arugula with Truffle Dressing


wine and dessert
Because we came to Seasons 52 for Mama Cho’s birthday, the restaurant treated her to her pick of the desserts from a giant tier. Sticking with the lower calorie dishes, Seasons 52’s  desserts come in cute little shot glasses.

We tried just about every dessert they whip up at Seasons 52…
Desserts: Chocolate Ganache Brownie w/Raspberry, Red Velvet, Lemon Curd with Fresh Raspberries (Jess’ fave), Carrot Cake w/Cinnamon Honey (Trace’s fave), S’mores, Pecan Pie w/Honey Roasted Pecans, Pumpkin Pie w/Ginger Snap Crust, and Mocha Macchiato
Wine (left to right): 1. Foppiano Lot 96 Petite Sirah (Jessica: It was a solid, predictable Petite Sirah) 2. Jam Jar Sweet Shriaz (Tracie)  3. Woodbridge White Zinfandel 4. Carmel Road Chardonnay

Seasons 52 gave all of us a taste of our wine before they poured a full glass, and brought us different wines if we did not like the taste. This assured that all of us would end up with drinks we loved. And with the mix of whites and reds on the table, it was paired well with the foods we all ordered. (For some that are apprehensive about drinking a sweet wine at dinner, the Jam Jar is unique in not having that ‘fake sugary’ after taste that so many dessert wines have.We love sweets, but when it comes to wines or coffees we opt for the more rich flavors. It has just the right amount of light sweetness and clean aftertaste)

2. Prices

  • All dishes at Seasons 52 were between $10-30.
  • For the amount of food you get, the price tag is not bad at all. If you look at our pictures, there was a fair amount of food on every plate.

3. Ambience

  • Dimly lit restaurant for a more romantic, cozy feel
  • Seasons 52 has a cute little outdoor patio, but they left the door open during our dinner, so it was a little cold for our table.
  • It’s definitely a place where they cater to the special occasion, but because Seasons 52 is within South Coast Plaza, walking in with casual clothing isn’t a big deal.

4. Service

  • Shoutout to our waitress! Very attentive, and sweet. Came to check on us just the right amount of times, and our food came out in a timely fashion. As soon as we walked in, she was on top of everything. Even before our full party was seated (because Tracie & June arrived late), she checked on us at least three times to make sure that we didn’t need anything. She waited for our whole party to arrive until she recited the specials of the day. She made sure to say Happy Birthday to Mama Cho. When Mama opted out of the taster and just went for the full glass, our waitress poured her a little bit extra to compensate. Small things like that really matter.
  • Tracie: When I arrived at the restaurant, it was after a long drive from work and mother nature was calling. I had to ask a waiter where the bathroom was, and despite the fact he was rushing into the kitchen, he took the time to walk me over to the bathroom. On our way out, all of the servers were smiling at us and wishing us a good night. Overall, a great wait staff at Seasons 52.

5. Convenience 

  • Seasons 52  is located at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. Since South Coast is a huge shopping area, parking spaces are abundant. Again, it does get busy on the weekends and at night time, but parking isn’t too difficult to find. If you’re there on a particularly busy weekend, you might want to opt for valet, which makes the parking process completely stress free (although you have to dish out a few bucks [FYI: we almost never use valet unless it is necessary])
  • For the least amount of walking, park near Bloomingdale’s because that’s where the restaurant is located.

Overall Rating:


Why did we knock it down a shot? A couple of the dishes were a little too salty (the quail’s vegetables and the mushrooms on the flatbread), and at times the spices were a little heavy (squash). For a place that is so keen on keeping down the calories, you would think that the vegetables would be the star of the meal. Still, it wasn’t enough to take away from the whole experience. Most of the food was GREAT, as was the service. The scallops and filet mignon were cooked to perfection, and that truffle salad was divine. The temperature of the restaurant was a little cold, and the lighting a LITTLE too dim. Despite all these little details, we still thoroughly enjoyed our experience, which makes Seasons 52 a 4 shot restaurant.

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