Madrid Day Two: Parque del Retiro

Madrid Day 2 was JAM PACKED with stuff to do and beautiful sights to see. We started off with breakfast at Il Tavolo Verde. We thought we had a lazy start, but when we arrived, we had to wait a few minutes for them to open. Classic Spain ­čśë

Il Tavolo Verde was definitely my favorite little breakfast place. It was adorably decorated, run by the cutest young couple, and the food there was AMAZING. Simple and classic Spanish.
tavolo verde spain madrid day five
So cute, right?? Our breakfast was really simple. Yogurts, toast, pumpkin cake (a lot like carrot cake, but less sweet), and of course COFFEE.

After breakfast, we walked over to the Museo Sorolla which is an adorable┬ámuseum with a beautiful garden and impressive artwork. The entrance is this brick archway and upon entering, you’re greeted by fountains and flowers.

entrance madrid spainInside, the artwork and interior are so lovely. I love impressionism and this museum was FULL of impressionist works.
sorolla interior
sorolla artwork madrid spain

We decided to do a little shopping after the Sorolla because Jackie was so excited about Brandy Melville. And then after browsing around the shopping areas a bit, we headed over to lunch! We just ordered simple little tapas and a jar of Sangria (which was excellent)

lunch madrid spain
After a nice little break we headed over to Parque del Retiro which was breathtakingly beautiful. So many wonderful things to see: flower beds, ponds, statues, etc.
entrance to retiro park
retiro park green
the ponds
I thought this was all that Retiro Park had to offer, until we went a little further into the park, and came upon THIS:
more retiro park
more reitro park madrid spain
entrance to prado
A whole other garden! You take this beautiful pathway down into a giant garden filled with trees! There is also a pathway leading to the street to get to the Prado Museum. We stopped to take pictures, and Tiff, being her usual self photo bombed my mother.

The Prado allows visitors to go in for free during their last 2 operating hours, so we decided to take advantage of that. There were no pictures allowed inside the museum, but here are some of the museum itself!
prado madrid spain
The museum is HUGE. We spent a good hour and a half there and barely even scratched the surface. We were exhausted from walking around all day so we decided to head back to our hotel and chill before dinner.

For dinner we decided to go to Gastromaquia. This actually turned out to be my favorite dinner place that we went to in Spain. EVERY single dish was amazing, from the tuna tartare to the seafood paella to the mojito sherbet… I couldn’t get enough. Plus our waitress was such a sweetheart!! Especially for a country where tipping is not customary, her service was excellent. And don’t even get me started with the wine. Apart from the wine we had at the tapas place after Parc Guell, this one comes in a close second for my favorite.

11203166_10152854585679677_6161561356103833594_nI wish there was a way to get the full spread of all our delicious dishes, but all of them came out at different times, so that was impossible.. After our awesome dinner, we ordered three different desserts which were all great, but my favorite was the mint sherbet with a shot of Bacardi Silver poured over the top. It was the best mint mojito OF MY LIFE. To cap it all off, our waitress offered us shots of Bailey’s “to digest”.


Yea, right.

We left the restaurant feeling fantastic, walked back to our hotel and called it a night. FINAL day of Madrid coming soon!





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