Oversized Sweaters at Off Street Cafe

I grabbed breakfast with Rose at Off Street Cafe for our weekly Tuesdate. They just remodeled the place, and it is adorable. It’s a monochromatic black&white decor, but it is surprisingly cozy with the barn details and dim lighting.

Coffee is essential breakfast food

We both ordered omelettes and coffee. I ordered the California (hence the avocado, duh), and Rose ordered a veggie omelette. I got sourdough toast (my fave) and Rose subbed for a side of pancakes. Everything at breakfast was excellent from the coffee to the food to the service. We will definitely be coming back here.

After breakfast, we attempted to quickly snap some photos, but in typical Tracie + Rose fashion, it became a outfit shooting morning.


Thick stripes & oversized sweaters tend to make you look bigger/wider than you really are, so I tried to offset that by pairing black leggings with a solid black heeled ankle bootie. The black+heel pairing gives the illusion of longer, thinner legs.


We decided to head over to the Cerritos Sculpture Garden which is this really small, but very cool little garden.


To add some more interest to oversized sweaters & tights combo, throw on a flashy statement necklace. I’ve always liked pairing mint with a bright blue. Am I weird? I also like that “effortless” look, so I rolled the sleeves of my oversized sweater a bit and pushed them up.

10679642_10152436157389677_6577497617011511923_o 10696458_10152436157174677_21720029707102317_n

It’s not the best quality photo, but this hair flip caught on camera just SCREAMS “B–ch I’m FABULOUS”. Couldn’t resist hehe 10703694_10152436157164677_6737511329053555237_n

Because this was a more spontaneous shoot, we couldn’t utilize the Cerritos Sculpture Garden as well as we had hoped. We kept talking about what kinds of outfits would look awesome at this place and came up with a few ideas. Can’t wait to show off more of the little garden and outfit ideas with you all!


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