Must Haves: Sick Days

I don’t get sick very often, but when I do, it’s pretty miserable. I’m usually all sorts of congested, feverish, chills, sore throat, just all the signs of a disgusting human being. But I’m always able to power through sick days with these little tips:

Note: DUH. I’m not a doctor. These are just some useful tips that get me through feeling like a walking disease.

1. Gargling salt water for a sore throat
Use warm water and mix in a substantial amount of salt. Not enough that makes you want to spit it out, but saltier than you would ever make one of your dishes. Now channel that 5 year old in you and gargle. Make sure you’re not just making bubbles and blocking your throat with your tongue. Let the salt water reach all the way to your throat. The salt SERIOUSLY helps the sore throats. Obviously, spit.

2. Honey-Lemon Tea
Well first of all, honey lemon tea is just delicious. But second of all, it feels really awesome on a sore throat that has been coughing all day and night. Mix in one spoonful of honey (I like to use the raw organic honey from Trader Joe’s) and three spoonfuls of lemon juice for 8 oz. of water.

honey lemon tea sick daysI know it’s tempting to want to eat ice cream and cold drinks when you have a sore throat because it feels so refreshing, but trust me all the refined sugar and ice is not that great in the long term. Stick to tea and warm drinks!! It’ll speed up the recovery process.

3. Go-To Outfit
On sick days, the last thing I want to worry about is looking presentable. But it’s good that I have a go to outfit..
go to outfit sick days unnamed
Just wearing a hat in general on a sick day, throwing on some sunglasses, or putting on some red lipstick can instantly uplift the way you look. And if you’re anything like me, if you look better, you feel better. I’m a firm believer that being sick is half mental, half physical.

4. Hydrating in General

WATER WATER WATER. Water is amazing every day anyway, but especially on sick days, flushing out your system is even more important. And does anyone else feel seriously satisfied when your pee is clear? TMI? Sorry bout it.

5. Binge Watching Netflix in Bed
The Office, FRIENDS, HIMYM, etc. Binge watching Netflix and laying in bed is EVERYTHING. Bed rest is so essential on sick days, so why not enjoy yourself watching some old favorites. Laughing, having a positive mind is also good for sick days, so go put on a comedy. If you’re not much of a comedy person, you could take the flu season to catch up on all those Oscar Nominated Best Picture movies! It’ll probably make you cry and give you all the feels.. which could also be very cathartic.


6. A Healthy Mentality
If you roll over and decide that you’re sick, miserable, and give in, your body gives up too! You have to keep positive thoughts and positive energy around. Rest is essential, being wrapped up and warm is equally important, but staying positive, convincing yourself of your toughness is also important.


So go be that awesome positive wonderful fabulous person you are even when you’re sick. byeeeee



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