March Playlist

1. Throwback Song: Brown Eyed Girl-Van Morrison

I was listening to KROQ when this song came on, and it’s just one of those classics that take you to a certain place and makes you subtly smile when you listen to it. It’s a nostalgic, sometimes sad song, but I’ve always loved it because it’s also a song about singing (:

2. The Top 40 Fave: Sugar-Maroon 5

This song came out a while ago, but unlike most pop music, I find that I like the song more the more I listen. And honestly, it could be (and probably is…) because of this adorable music video. There’s no faking the shock and joy the brides have when it is revealed that MAROON 5 is crashing their wedding. When I first gave it a listen, my initial thought was “oh great, another crappy Maroon 5 hit that is NOTHING like their first two albums..probably cranked out like the top 40 music making factory Maroon 5 has become” (harsh. Sorry) But this MV!!! Watch it. It’s. So. Cute. I know, I know. I’m a sucker.

3. The beautiful little known ballad: The Girl – City and Color (acoustic version)

In a world full of soulless pop love songs fueled by bubblegum pop princesses and the like, I love when I stumble upon lesser known artists with great lyrics and dialed down production.

You don’t ask for no diamond rings no delicate string of pearls
That’s why I wrote this song to sing
My beautiful girl

Who wouldn’t fall in love with that.

4. The revamped popular song: Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) -Hillsong Worship

This amazing song from Hillsong came out sometime last year, but it has not lost its power. It’s always great hearing a beautiful new song that has a touch of familiarity. It adds a contemporary mix to┬áthe traditional melody of “Amazing Grace” for the chorus of this lyrically moving worship song.

5. Instead of a musical theater song, the iconic movie score song: Jurassic Park Theme Song-John Williams

In honor of Jurassic World coming out this summer (Chris Pratt, swoon), a few of my friends decided to get together and watch all of the Jurassic Park movies. Because it’s a big group of us and we’re all very busy people, we started a couple months ahead of the premiere date. We all heard the iconic theme song and immediately felt the pangs of nostalgia. Particularly for me and Tiff, all those damn coins we spent at Chuck E. Cheese on the Jurassic Park ride, and how many times we watched this movie in one year NON STOP. Now listen for yourself, and enjoy.


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