Madrid Final Day

I’m the worst. I can’t ever find the time to do this last post. But it’s seriously the last one, and I need closure, so despite it being nearly 2 1/2 months since this trip, here it is.

Our final day in Madrid, like any adventure, was bittersweet. I was exhausted from walking 8-12 miles every day, ready to go home, and at the same time, SO SAD to be leaving this beautiful country. We had an entire day as our flight was early the next morning, so we jam packed our final day with all the things we possibly could.

We had breakfast at Olivia Te Cuida, which was once again, an excellent, classic Spanish breakfast.

olivia te cuida final day madrid

After breakfast we immediately walked to the Royal Palace of Madrid. We were greeted by this enormous fountain and a bed of vibrant purple flowers.

outside the royal palace madridIt was also one of those rare occasions that our entire group got a photo together (:

After paying for tickets, we went into the courtyard for a full view of the palace. It. was. GORGEOUS. Sights like this are what I love about Spain. There is so much culture and history with these old buildings. To be standing in and walking around places I’ve only read about in my history textbooks was insane.


The details in the architecture around the palace:

detailsAnd the interior..holy moles

11182249_10152854581309677_9055239556549985505_n DSC_1007
I wish we could have taken more pictures of the interior, but all the rooms were “no photography” zones.. Although, I managed to steal this fun one of my mom and me. I know, I’m such a rebel.


The Royal Palace tour took quite some time, so after we were done, we headed over to the Mercado de San Miguel for some food.

Mercado de San Miguel Madrid Final Day
madrid final day mercadoHOLY. MOLES. This place was AMAZING. I had some of the best wine, beer, ham, desserts, fresh seafood, and empanadas of my LIFE. Our entire group spent a good 30 minutes in front of a seafood shop eating plate after plate of mussels, shrimp, oysters, etc. We kept going back to the same shop for this awesome red wine which was like.. 3 euros a glass. We ate some frozen yogurt, macarons, zumos/smoothies, and some EXCELLENT cheese. We were absolutely stuffed by the time we left, but there was still one more food we had to eat.. Chocolate con churros. I had three of my friends INSIST that we had to have this treat before we left Spain. So we headed over to Valor….

iPhone FULL 6.15 2015-04-29 037
Ummm.. YES.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so full in my life. Thank goodness we had a bit of a walk over to the Reina Sofia.

reina sofia front madrid final day

It is such a beautiful place, with… interesting.. art. Modern art isn’t really my thing. We walked in, and and saw some random little structures and laughed to ourselves if this was the actual art. It was.

final day modern art

On the plus side though, there was some AMAZING art from Dali and Picasso. This was actually the second Dali and Picasso exhibit I got to see in Spain, but to tell you the truth, until I saw this Picasso exhibit, I never really “got it”. Sure, I appreciated Picasso as one of the greats. It’s been ingrained in us for as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t until I saw “Guernica” that I truly appreciated his style.  It covered the entire wall of the room  we were standing in. The sheer size of the piece was enough to give you all the feels, but once you learn what inspired the painting, you see how brilliantly he did it with the symbols, monochromatic color scheme, and composition. In the next room, it was filled with his sketches that he did to prepare for painting “Guernica”. The precision and detail in all those sketches also blew me away. I am a new TRUE Picasso fan. I wish I could have taken pictures, but again, it was a “no photography” zone. Boo. I did manage to get some from Dali’s work!

dali final day DSC_0124

So Surreal. Ha..ha…

Nothing was going to beat the Guernica, so after seeing that we decided to bounce. We headed back home to rest up before dinner.

We went to Calle Cava Baja which is an awesome little street with a bunch of restaurants. I’m sorry to fail you, but I did not take ANY pictures of dinner. WHAT! I know. I’m the worst. But now we’ve come full circle! We start and finish with “I’m the worst.”

But let’s finish off with a quick story. I snapped this ONE picture over dinner.
All of our chairs strangely had unique names on them. And while we were eating, Tiff yells, “OW!” She turns around and says “Stupid Josefina. She pulled my hair.” And I caught this photo.

Spain was WONDERFUL. An unforgettable trip to say the least. But most of all, I’m so glad that I finally finished these posts!!! Thank you all for waiting so patiently and staying with me as I recount one of my greatest adventures. #Wanderlust for life.


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