Madrid Day One (Spain Day Four)

This day was probably the most uneventful of our trip. We spent a large part of our morning/afternoon going to the train station, taking the train from Barcelona to Madrid and then settling into our hotel room. Making it to our hotel was quite the adventure and long story short, we spent a night in a small town outside of Madrid called Pinto. Pinto was a quiet, totally normal little neighborhood, and overall, I’m glad that I got to see what Spain was like outside of the big cities.

Once we got settled into our hotel, we decided to take a train over to Madrid for some shopping. We hadn’t really had time to go shopping while we were busy sight seeing, and what’s a Europe trip without some shopping, right?

We somehow managed (without Jackie) to get on to the correct train and get off at the correct stop. Praise. Jesus. And when we got off the train and headed over to the shopping area, these views were waiting for us:

madrid viewswEverything in Madrid looks SO important, and these are just “normal” buildings. Is it not absolutely beautiful?? My friend Matt had recommended a bunch of things to do while in Madrid, and I got to check off two of them this night. One of them was 1 euro sandwiches at Museo del Jamon and the other was the best Sangria at Las Cuevas del Sesamo.

museo and cuevas madrid

Museo del Jamon was bustling to the say the least. You just go up to this little bar and order, out comes your food and drinks, no fuss. They also have 1 euro beers which I’ll never get over. We went ahead and shopped around, stopping at a bunch of little boutiques, bought some purses and little accessories. Then went to Las Cuevas del Sesamo for Sangria!!

We took the pizza to go, found a cab, ate at the hotel, and knocked out for the night. Madrid Day 2 was going to be a BUSY day.



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