The Lattes in Vegas

We celebrated Jess’ 22nd in Vegas and we did it our way. Traveling between the four of us is one of the things we love most! But we aren’t your typical Vegas-goers. Most people might go to a club, gamble, and go crazy on the strip. But, we went for one day of eating and shopping (and alright..maybe a little crazy). Jess enjoying a Ragin’ Bull Fat Tuesday, and a Gummy Worm fishbowl from Sugar.

jess bday in vegas

The drive to Las Vegas is about 3.5-5 hours depending on pit stops, traffic, etc. Long drives can be tedious, but when you’re in a car with June, Tiff, and us, we have a LOT of fun. We spend it singing, dancing, snacking, and talking about weird things. It amazes us sometimes how comfortable we are with each other, how dumb we can be, and how much we get away with. Some of the most memorable quotes…

las vegas quotes 2To protect identities, no names were included… But yes. These are real life.

Once we arrived, we ate at BurGR. (Check out our Restaurant Review: BurGR) Spoiler alert: it was DELICIOUS. The stuff dreams are made of. Also, Gordon Ramsay. Yum.


We were STUFFED (not an overstatement) after BurGR so we walked along the strip, shopped at Caesar’s Palace, and picked up some Fat Tuesdays. I love that in Vegas you can just freely walk around with giant alcoholic slushies in hand. Where else can you do that?! Then, we headed over to the Bellagio to check out the lobby decorations. The Bellagio decorations are always ON POINT. It was a perfect blend of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Beautiful fall leaves, lit up trees, and decorative flowers and pieces EVERYWHERE. bellagio vegasWe left the Bellagio to catch the water show. For some reason, it didn’t go on that hour (We think it may have been due to the wind. Also, Vegas was NOT nice to our hair. It was blowing everywhere all day). So, we ended up just taking some photos in front of the water/Paris Hotel. I know. We are SUCH girls sometimes.


We love Vegas. When you’re looking at such awesome things like this, hanging out with your friends, eating great food, how could you not? After the Bellagio, we went to SUGAR for fishbowls and fried food. We ordered a Gummy Worm fishbowl. Look at that dry ice! If you want to impress someone with your knowledge of cool alcoholic drinks, Sugar is the place to go. It looks impressive AND tastes really good. If we’re being REALLY picky, those gummy worms are hard to chew. If you have sensitive teeth.. eh.. you’re in Vegas! Go crazy! Chew through those gummy worms!

fishbowls in vegas
We left around 8:30 and made it home by 12:10. Not bad. EXHAUSTED the next day, but so worth it.

Big thank you to Tracie, Tiffany, and June for spoiling Jessica on her 22nd birthday with everything she could have possibly asked for. She loves you all more than TsumTsums (and that’s a LOT).


Happy Birthday Jess!! Cue that Taylor Swift song.

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