Kimonos, Coffee, Cars

Try saying that 5xs fast

Kimonos, Coffee, Cars
Kimonos, Coffee, Cars
Kimonos, Coffee, Cars
Kimonos, Coffee, Cars
Kimonos, Coffee, Cars

What a mouthful. And I know, a strange combination of words. Gimme a second to explain.

Rose & my weekly Tuesdate resulted in an unexpected adventure. We shot outside Crema Cafe in Seal Beach. Their iced lattes are DIVINE and the location is super cute! It’s a beach city so you have all these adorable shops. Behind the cafe, there was this gorgeous mural:


Behind the coffee shop, there is a beautifully lit alley way; and we shot against some garages.

I’ve always wanted to try out kimonos, but I was too afraid to buy one for myself . So when Rose bought me one for my birthday, I finally had a chance to venture into the fashion world of kimonos. It had a cool aztec/tribal style print which I usually gravitate toward when buying clothes anyway. Mixing something familiar with something new is a great way to start experimenting on things!


Because kimonos are a flashy piece in itself, I paired it with basics underneath: a black scoopneck tank from Express (similar) , and some distressed shorts from Forever 21 (similar)

Fun combination of the kimono and scooptank:  Here

10377366_10152429383409677_2350831897785095430_n10342417_10152429384294677_9125948604124450117_nUp close shot of some of the gold details. Messy hair don’t care. 10730826_10152429383439677_7859989955895542155_n

As we were shooting, a nice older man dressed casually in shorts and a t-shirt came up to us and asked us what we were doing. Rose explained to him that we were taking photos for a blog and he said, “how would you like to shoot with a Ferrari?” At first we laughed, thinking he was joking, but then he goes into the garage we were shooting against, and pulls out his Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. WHATTTTTTT.

Fashion FerrariWe realized he was something of a car collector because he had a HUGE garage filled with gorgeous cars. He even had a Mercedes Mclaren. He also had a car with a custom paint job from West Coast Choppers because he was friends with Jesse James. NBD.

Our normal Tuesdate ended up being somewhat of an adventure. How often can a young 20-something say they’ve been in a Ferrari and a Mclaren?

And in our usual ridiculous/weirdo ways, Rose found a row of really gorgeous palm trees that she wanted to capture, so she parked the car in a random residential area, stood in the middle of the street (no cars were around, thank god), and snapped a photo for instagram… the things we do for a good photo…

#datbloggerlifedoe 10511175_10152429383589677_3561242095548397530_n
sign off


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