Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday weight gain. It happens to all of us. I’ve seen COUNTLESS gifs, memes, internet things that talk about how much we all turn into fatties over the holidays. We can’t help it! Delicious food, so much family, meet ups with friends, etc. Our cheat days turn into crappy eating habits which turns into not just holiday weight gain but regular weight gain. I’m no fitness guru so if your’e looking for a post that’s going to help you whip yourself back into shape, HA! ’nuff said. What I can do is offer the age old tricks to help you feel skinnier by tricking the eyeballs.


I could do an entire love blog post dedicated to how much I love black on black, but especially for the holidays, this is just a really awesome combination. Why? Because black is SLIMMING.  So if you’re not feeling it today, wear black jeans, black t-shirt and throw on a hat for some color. Or a casual black tank dress with this black jacket also covers all flaws.

**If you’re not a huge fan of black, really any monotone outfit is a good way to seem slimmer. I’d just stay away from the whites/pastels if I were you.

2. Contouring

I will probably do a contouring 101 later, but for the basics, shade in the hollows of your cheekbones. This creates definition, making you look more “sucked in” than usual. It makes your face not look so double-chinny/face fat.


3. Empire Waist, High-Waist  = Your Best Friend

Just don’t do like baggy hip-hop jeans that belong in the 90’s or sweat pants until you can fit into those skinny jeans again. I know that we’re all tempted to wear looser clothes when we feel fat, but that actually adds so much baggage. Instead, work with proportions! Wear a dress with an empire waist (that’s a dress that gets tighter at the base of your bust and flares out). It hides that food baby quite well while giving you a gorgeous “hour glass” silhouette.

Also high-waisted jeans are like the best thing ever at hiding that tummy. It keeps it in check! Rather than those low rise jeans that make way for muffin tops. One trick I love is tucking in my shirt to the top of my jeans. It makes my legs look longer & tummy flatter. It’s a depth-perception thing.


 4. Heels, heels, heels

It makes you look taller. Taller = slimmer. That’s a no brainer. NEXT!

5. Last but not least, camera tricks!


So maybe you didn’t want to care that much about dressing up or contouring your face today. But you can’t hide from the camera that your girlfriends inevitably pull out. Crap. What do you do?

-the teapot arm: it makes your arm look skinnier, and your shoulders less wide

-posture: STAND. UP. STRAIGHT. Crouching not only makes you look heavier, but it also makes you look insecure. Sorority squats be gone!

-twist and shout: Okay don’t actually shout. But twist for sure. A full frontal position was never flattering for anyone. Place one leg behind your other or cross you ankles. This makes your body look much smaller, and your thighs slimmer.

If you’re not the type of person that cares if they look 5 pounds lighter or heavier, GOOD FOR YOU! Seriously. You do you, boo. For the rest of us, I hope these helped!


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