Five: Saving Money


Money, money, money, must be funny in a rich man’s world. Well, it isn’t funny to me. I need every little cent I can get! Online shopping is already so convenient, which is why so many of us do it! So why not take a couple extra steps before filling your virtual shopping cart? It seriously only takes a minute and you can start saving money in just a few clicks! For this week’s FIVE, here are five ways YOU TOO can start saving money this holiday season.

1.) Ebates

  • This nifty little site gives you cashback on most of your online purchases! You just make an account (get a free $5 gift card just for signing up), look through the stores, click on the one you want to shop at, and start saving money! It’s one extra step, but every penny counts this holiday season! Just don’t use this as an excuse to shop more than you need…

2.) Coupon Codes

  • If you don’t know, there are these codes that you can insert into certain sites to get discouts and freebies. I always make sure to check out to make sure that I’m not missing out on any deals. For most stores, you just plug them in at check-out and you get an automatic discount. How easy is that?!

3.) Sign-Up

  • A lot of stores will give you 10% – 20% discounts just for signing up for their email list. If you don’t want all of the emails, you can always make another email account for these or simply unsubscribe from their email list. I have a specific email I use just for when I want to shop. I just log in to that one and make sure that I’m not missing any sales or coupon codes when I’m in need of some retail therapy!

4.) Price Match

  • Now, I’m not the biggest advocate of WalMart. But, who hasn’t shopped there?! Well, their new app lets you put in a receipt for a product you bought, compares it to other local competitors, and then gives you the difference on a WalMart gift card. It really is a smart way to get consumers to shop at WalMart and a smart way for you to be saving money. If only other stores would follow suit. Target, Best Buy, and Fry’s do have their own price-matching system as well! It’s just focused on purchases before rather than after you’ve paid for them.

5.) Price Comparison

  • If you’re too lazy to go through all of the different sites and try to find the best price, I turn to RedLaser. It’s an app that does all of the searching for you! Just try it. You’ll thank us later.

In America, we pay for our ignorance and we pay for convenience. This post hopefully covered both topics and brings you five steps closer to saving money. Happy shopping fellow coffee lovers!

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