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This week we’ve got a bunch of news bites about gas, comets, Fallon, Black Friday, and cars! This way you get all the awesome news bites of this week without the hassle of a million different articles to filter through. So without further ado, here are the most interesting things to happen this week! Well, in my book at least!

1.) WHY IS GAS SO CHEAP (not that i’m complaining)?!

You have probably noticed that gas has gone down A LOT. Below three dollars? It is insane here in Southern California. For those with a long commute like me, it is greatly appreciated. But, did you know WHY it was so cheap? I DO! I DO! In the winter, we get to use a cheaper supply of gas because of different pressure/temperature changes. Also, we have also been minimizing our overall gas usage over the past few years because of the expensive prices. Gas stations are trying to get us to use more gas by making it a little cheaper now that they can afford to lower their prices. It’s the combination of these two things that led to our recent, lower gas prices.



If you haven’t heard how we landed a spacecraft on a comet recently. The Philae Lander successfully landed on the comet. This is a PRETTY BIG DEAL. It took TEN, yes TEN years for our little Philae to get to the comet.

The little spacecraft has managed to send some information back to us (and accomplished many of his missions) and NASA has confirmed that they have detected some organic molecules on the surface of the comet.

Our little buddy up there has done some work. Unfortunately, he is sleeping up there. His batteries have died and he isn’t able to re-charge. Once the comet gets closer to the sun, they are hoping that Philae’s solar panels will be able to charge and he will be alive again. But, that also means that Philae may overheat and be gone forever.

What a romantic little story for a spacecraft.


So U2 was supposed to be the musical guest on Jimmy Fallon this week. But, he broke his arm the day before. So, what did our awesome Mr.Fallon do? He dressed up as Bono and put on his own little U2 show. Really. How much more awesome could he get?!

Watch him perform Desire, below.


The show must go on.


Black Friday is approaching and the deals are pouring in. There are so many advertisements and deals floating around that it is hard to distinguish one from another. Well, I’m here to tell you that WalMart will probably have the best deals. They are pretty much matching/beating everyone else’s prices. Apparently, they’ve been preparing for this holiday season for a whole year. Again, this is in GENERAL. I’ll probably spend a significant amount of time scouring the internet for the best deals. Don’t worry. I’ll let you in on the secrets too!


For the last news bites… CARS! I love cars. Tracie loves cars. We love cars. They’re your own little portable home that you can fill with music! How awesome is that?

Tracie and I SUCK at getting car washes. It’s just so inconvenient to go get your car washed all the time. Well, here’s some good news for you! Nissan is developing a product similar to NanoProtect (a shield that helps your car from getting dirty.) It’s a water and oil repellant coating that they are going to incorporate onto some of their cars that would essentially get rid of the need to get your car washed. They aren’t thinking of making it a standard feature on cars just yet. But, they are thinking of making it an extra feature that can be added onto your car. For matte car drivers, this is probably the best news you’ve heard since you got your car! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this works! (FYI: Matte cars shouldn’t use self washing because they regular soaps can ruin the exterior).


I hope you learned something useful through our news bites this week! Pop it out at your next party or awkward conversation! You’re welcome!


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