First Things First…

I’m the realest. Drop this and let the whole world feel it (haha just kidding..)

We’re Tracie and Jessica. Together we’re The Lattes, and we run this little blog called Coffee Then Chaos. We bonded over a mutual love for books, style, nature, traveling, God, music/singing, a desperate need for a creative outlet, and most importantly, COFFEE. That’s kind of how we came up with the name Coffee Then Chaos. We felt it embodied the voice of the 20-something struggle–We’re juggling school, jobs, relationships, keeping up with the latest trends, shows, etc. We have so much on our plates, endless interests, but ask any true coffee addict and they will tell you, “But first, coffee”. Hence, Coffee Then Chaos… can commence and we’re ready to take it all on, build our empires, and conquer the world.
For now, we’re simply going to post all the little things in our daily lives–fun little coffee runs (&we do a LOT of those), exploring delicious food places, reviewing our favorite books, outfit posts, etc. all with the hopes of inspiring you to try or learn something new.
We’re still getting the hang of this thing, so… we’ll be experimenting with videos, making some horrible photography mistakes, committing some fashion faux pas, and I’m sure plenty of other blog atrocities. Sorry ’bout it. Such is the messiness of life and blogging.

Now what?
To learn some more about us individually, head over to the “ABOUT US” page! It’ll tell you all the basics, and then more than you can possibly want to know. Thanks for taking an interest (: (

Thank you to all our family and friends who have been so supportive in the planning process of this little passion project. We hope you guys love it as much as we love working on it!!

sign off


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