February Playlist

1. The little known beautiful ballad: When I Fall – Lizz Wright

I first heard this song randomly on a spotify playlist that I was listening to as I fell asleep. I was right on the brink of sleeping when I heard the beautiful intro and it woke me up like THAT. Then Lizz Wright’s beautiful jazzy voice came on and I was in love.

2. The YouTube find:

Okay, so this is cheating a little because it’s the Oscars, but for anyone who caught it, HOLY CRAP Lady Gaga did a BEAUTIFUL Sound of Music tribute that pleased even the great Julie Andrews. She reportedly trained with a vocal coach for 6 months and it obviously paid off. Her perfect mix of pop technique and beautiful classic sound was the perfect tribute to the Sound of Music with just the right touch of Gaga flair. I always knew this commercially successful artist had a GREAT voice and 2014 was a great time for her to prove it. Especially considering stunning performances from Jennifer Hudson and John Legend/Common, the fact that Lady Gaga is the one I’m posting about here should say something..


3. The epic movie soundtrack song:

I’m not even going to pretend I’m interested in 50 Shades of Grey, but much like Twilight, this is a highly talked about book turned crappy movie with a hot cast and an awesome soundtrack. The Weeknd turned out this really sexy song that can be anyone’s guilty pleasure. Ehh… not a fan of the music video, but the song itself. DAMN.

4. The musical: LeaveĀ – Once

This is the song in Once that introduces us to “the boy”, a musician whom the audience is supposed to hear and instantly fall in love with, root for, and believe in. That’s a lot of pressure for one song. I remember watching this musical and thinking, if this guy’s song isn’t great, I’m not going to feel for him. Spoiler alert, I FELT FOR HIM.

5. The throwback: I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
Don’t get me wrong, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance was epic. Considering the NFL is one of the most unforgiving world stages, I think that she did a fabulous job. However, hearing all of her recent hits made me feel nostalgic for the old Katy Perry days when she functioned off of shock value.


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