Our Favorite Christmas Activities

We LOVE Christmas. In no particular order, here are some of our favorite Christmas activities around OC/LA! Most of them require little to no money, and involve looking at pretty things (:

1.) Brea lights

brea christmas activities

There is a lovely little neighborhood between Lambert and Birch in Brea, CA that really goes all out with their house decorations. There’s a nice route set up with little signs called Santa’s Route that ensures you will see ALL the pretty little houses (: You can drive through or even park your car and walk around. Some houses will have little snacks and hot chocolate for sale, and this year there was even a CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) fundraiser going around. Be charitable and festive all in one night!

2.) Dana Point IlluminOcean

This wonderful little event features 40 days of Holiday Lights! Click on the link for all the details!

3.) Gingerbread House/Christmas Cookies

There are PLENTY of kits you can purchase if you’re not a baker, so don’t even make it about that. It’s just plain fun.

1209018_10151668053189677_1574943199_nchristmas cookies

gingerbread house

Jess and I did the above gingerbread house last year. It was both of our first times decorating a house so we went a LITTLE crazy.

And while you’re decorating, put some Christmas movies on in the background! Some of my favorites:
-Home Alone
-Love Actually
-The Santa Clause
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-How the Grinch Stole Christmas
-& if you’re not into those types of Christmas movies, Die Hard will do.

4.) Long Beach Hydrobike Holiday Tour

Hydro-biking in general just looks like a LOT of fun, but this holiday edition features hydro-biking while looking at pretty houses with pretty lights!! A whole bunch of awesome rolled in one (: Plus there’s a groupon going around that allows you to do this for just $20!! That’s a freakin’ deal. We should take advantage of our awesome weather all year round and go into the ocean during winter.

5.) Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills


If you’re a little closer to LA, then Woodland Hills’ Candy Cane Lane might be a better option for you than OC’s Brea Lights. Much like Brea, some of these houses go ALL OUT. This mini “It’s a Small World” display blew us AWAYYY

6.) LA Zoo

LA Zoo offers two different activities during the holidays. 1. Reindeer Romp. Yes. Reindeer are real. Here’s the proof  2. Zoo Lights! You won’t see too many of the zoo animals as they are probably sleeping, but there are a lot of lights and light up animals (:

7.) Holiday at the Getty

Only on Saturdays from now until January 4th, you can “sip hot cider and enjoy the lights of the city and festive holiday lighting on Saturday nights at the Getty Center”! If you’re into lights and art, this is the place for you!

8.) The Grove in LA



Shopping around the holidays is NOT pleasant. Crowded malls, people everywhere, long lines, etc. But when you have pretty things to look at, it’s not so bad!The Grove in LA is big, lots of parking, and it’s just the thing to keep you in the Christmas spirit while shopping for your loved ones (:

For some of you, this list was pretty obvious. If that was you, sorry ’bout it. If not, I hope you’re now in the know of some popular Christmas time activities!

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