Fall Layers

Although it’s December which is typically considered winter, it’s technically still fall as the winter solstice hasn’t passed JUSTTTT yet. In California, “cold weather” means it’s cold only when the sun isn’t around. So daytime? Hot. Nightime? COLD. So this post features layers: fall layers.

I love cold weather. I love plaid. I love coffee. This post has so many of my favorite things rolled in one. Especially for us in California where the weather is so beautiful all year round, its only cold when the sun isn’t around. That means some days, the weather is sunny and then as soon as the sunsets, it’s cold as heck. (well, as cold as us So. Cal people can complain which is like 50 something degree weather… WHAT? I know I know).



This day I wore a basic white tee with an oversized plaid shirt that I stole from my mom’s closet. Then I threw on this cool cargo jacket I got at H&M which I find useful for just about any outfit/situation. In order to make my fall layers’ hemlines match up, I tied my plaid shirt. I also rolled my sleeves over my cargo jacket so you could see more of the plaid. It’s little details like this that make fall layers really pop (:

After snapping a few photos, Rose and I realized that my collar line just wasn’t going with my hair straight down. So I quickly tossed it up into a bun so you all could better see my fall layers.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I would rather have the little mom and pop coffee shop espresso, but I have to admit, those damn Starbucks holiday drinks… they just get me. White chocolate peppermint mochas, chestnut praline, don’t even get me started on the caramel brulee lattes… AND they come in awesome little red cups that make for a little pop of color with my fall layers.



We found this fun little garage with super cool open squares. Naturally, it’s just begging to be sat in… Cool lighting, looks kinda moody/emo. Throwback to our angsty high school days lol.



sign off


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