Eyeliner 101 – Brown vs. Black

One of my good friends asked me to do a post on eyeliner which inspired me to start a new series that is going to be focused on teaching the basics of makeup. This week’s edition is, Eyeliner 101: brown vs. black eyeliner

Black eyeliner is bolder, so if drama is what you’re going for, definitely do black. But as much drama as it adds, it’s also harsher. It gives you that “bitchy” look and narrows your eyes. I know that many of you put on eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger, but this is a myth. It DEFINES your eyes more sure, but look up any picture of your favorite celebrity with and without eyeliner and tell me when their eyes look bigger. This is why I usually opt out of eyeliner on casual days. I put on some nude/brown matte eyeshadow, mascara, and go. I’ll have to do a makeup basics post on the “natural look” on a later date. Maybe you’ll trust me then (;

In any case, black eyeliner can be tons of fun. Especially when you learn how to play with your shape using this little tool, it can make you feel instantly sexier.

My favorite black eyeliners:

black eyeliner 101

Left to Right: 1. Sephora Waterproof in black lace 2. Mac Fluidline in black track 3. Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in black ebony

(I KNOW. My OCD is driving me mad too that it’s not a perfect line, but YOU try taking a picture of makeup sticks that keep rolling around on your desk.)

Why do I love these? I hate eyeliners that don’t last throughout the day and smudge all over the place. I’ve tested AT LEAST 50 eyeliners in my lifetime and these are my tried and true three. But everyone is going to be different. Try them out for yourself and have fun! Generally speaking, I use my black track for my eyelid only, Lancome for under my eyes, and the Sephora waterproof for the waterlines. (Waterlines will be covered in the third installment of this series)

Brown eyeliner serves a different purpose. I personally wear brown eyeliner day to day. It is more casual, you look friendlier, and generally softer. I have brown eyes, so I also like how it complements my eye color. With my brown eyeliners, I like to have a little more fun with the shimmery/smoky products.

My favorite brown eyeliners:

brown eyeliner 101

Left to Right: 1. Urban Decay 24/7 in bourbon 2. Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in black coffee 3. Sephora Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in matte brown 4. Sephora (Retractable Waterproof)  in dark chocolate with brown shimmer 5. Clio in dark choco no. 4 (try amazon or ebay. I usually get mine from Little Tokyo in LA)

-The Urban Decay and Clio are both shimmery eyeliners that I use just for under my eyes. The shimmer and colors instantly give that “effortless but sexy” smoky look that we all love. Both of these brands have plenty of other brown shades in this same style, but bourbon and no. 4 are my DEFINITE faves.
-Lancome is the same as the black ebony mentioned above. No smudging, smooth, soft, it’s basically perfect.
-The Sephora liquid eyeliner is only $12! It’s a sponge tip, so if you’re not into that then this isn’t for you. But I love the accuracy I get out of this eyeliner. It’s amazing, stays on all day, and is the perfect shade.
-Now, the Sephora Retractable Waterproof is not the one pictured above. When I went on the site, I realized they don’t sell it anymore in just the pencil form. But the retractable one (which I have in MATTE brown) is amazing, so the brown shimmery one must also be great. It’s one of the softest eyeliners I own, and anytime I’m going for a smoky look (will also covered in part III), the little sponge tip which is also on the retractable is the BEST for blending that eyeliner in.


I hope this post was helpful and easy to read! Leave your comments below or on facebook to let me know what you think! Now go forth and experiment, you beautiful people!



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