Eyeliner 101 – Application

This is the third and final post of our makeup basics: Eyeliner 101. I hope you have all enjoyed and learned a lot from reading these posts so far! Now that you have all become pros at figuring out what color/formulation to use & when, my final post will be, Eyeliner 101: Application. You can read parts ONE and TWO if you need to catch up!

 1.) Tight Lining

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term tight lining, basically it is drawing on the waterlines with eyeliner.waterline collage eyeliner 101 application

I know, kinda gross seeing an eyeball that upclose, but all in the name of teaching. It’s kind of bizarre, but tight lining fills that gap between your eyes and lash line. Especially if you’re trying to achieve a more natural look, you should try just tight lining. It makes you look instantly sharper without adding too much harshness.

2.) Order

When you’re doing a full face of makeup, apply eyeshadow FIRST.

Why? If you’re using a pencil eyeliner and put eyeshadow on after, whatever color you’re putting on conveniently attaches to the eyeliner and now you don’t have black or brown eyeliner..you have goldish brownish shimmery kinda eyeliner. And if you’re using a liquid eyeliner, the eyeshadow base creates a dry base for the liquid liner to attach even better to!
So it does different things for different eyeliner formulations, but either way, eyeshadow first.

3.) Cat-Eye/Wing Tip

This is a style of eyeliner that has been around for quite some time. It was popularized by none other than Audrey Hepburn. She’s a timeless style icon, and much like her, this trend has not gone out of style.


The easiest way to create a perfect wing tip everytime is to follow the angle of your lower eyelids:

eyeliner 101 application collage

Then draw it from your top lid to match that line (however thick you want it)

4.) Other Tips and Tricks

-If you really want to try liquid eyeliner but just don’t have the confidence to get it right on the first try, try lining your eye with pencil first, and then go over it with liquid. That way your screw ups/uneven lines aren’t as apparent (;

-Start at the middle of your eye rather than on the inner or outer corner. It helps you mark where/how thick you want the line and overall keeps a steadier line throughout your entire eyelid.

Now you’re all experts at eyeliner! Congrats! Go experiment, beautiful people (:



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