On CoffeeThenChaos, you see nice restaurants and what we eat on special occasions. You wouldn’t think so from our previous posts, but we like to think that we’re pretty low maintenance most of the time. And being that it’s the day after New Years (aka hangover city for half of you), we thought it would be appropriate to post something low-key and no fuss. When we’re feelin’ hungry and in need of something more than a fast food run, we turn to Earthen.

1.) Food

  • Green Onion Pancakes ($3.50): If Tracie and I didn’t want to look like crazy lunatics, we would order the green onion pancakes and.. the green onion pancakes.. and some more green onion pancakes. They are these super thin, fried pancakes that just melt in your mouth. They are lightly salted, crispy, warm, and delicious.
  • House Chicken ($8.00): But, we would be lying if we said we wouldn’t be disheartened without the house chicken. It’s a cold, slightly sweet chicken dish atop a bed of marinated cucumbers. It’s just the right amount of cold sweetness to balance the enormous amount of green onion pan cakes you just digested.
  • Steamed Pork Pot Stickers($5.50): The pot stickers are good, but nothing to write home about.

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 From Left to Right: 1. Green Onion Pancakes 2. House Chicken (small) 3. Steamed Pork Pot Stickers

Awesome part about so many Asian restaurants? Complimentary Tea!


2. Prices

  • One of the things we love most about this place is the price. For all of this food pictured above, and the complimentary tea, it was twenty dollars! (One order of the pan cakes is $3.50. $3.50!) That means we pay about twelve dollars each and are out of there! We were stuffed and even had a little food left over.10384934_10152497975599677_7418440464093972440_n

3. Ambience

  • There are two Earthens. There is one called Earthen To Go (pictured above) and another, regular Earthen. There are a few differences between the two. While the serve the same food, ETG serves it in takeout containers while Earthen gives you regular plates and silverware. Earthen To Go also accepts credit cards while Earthen does not.
  • If you want to take your whole family out for dinner, Earthen is the way to go. It has the nice Chinese restaurant feel and you will not feel like you are lacking anything in the family-like ambience department. If you’re going out with friends for a quick bite, I’d opt for Earthen To Go for its convenience (who carries cash these days??) and laid-back atmosphere.

4. Service

  • The service was pleasant. Our waitress took our order promptly, served us our food, asked appropriate questions at appropriate times, and split our check for us. No complaints here!

5. Convenience

  • Earthen To Go is convenience at it’s finest. You can call ahead and they’ll have your food ready. Or, you can waltz in and enjoy a hassle-free lunch/dinner without feeling like you’re sitting at a restaurant.



Earthen, you do you VERY well.

Green. Onion. Pan. Cakes.
Really, that’s all we had to say and this review would have been complete.

sign off


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