Earth Tones at Portfolio Coffeehouse

Long Beach has such awesome coffeehouses and little restaurants all within a reasonable distance. Rose and I had originally planned on going to Lord Windsor Roasters on 3rd street, and although they are still open during construction, it doesn’t make it an ideal place to chill and have a coffee with your friend. So we drove a little further on 3rd street and ran into Rose Park Roasters, which looked SUPER busy so we turned back around and saw Portfolio Coffeehouse.

Portfolio Coffeehouse Also, super busy. But Portfolio has a bigger space, so we decided to go in. We will definitely go back and explore the other two, but Portfolio was surprisingly adorable! That little “PORTFOLIO” sign is so creative, I just had to snap a photo of it.

Behind the coffee shop are these awesome buildings with tons of earth tones — a bunch of browns, greens, and shades of orange.. Earth tone! I was, coincidentally,very matchy-matchy with the area.
earth tones instagram shot

It’s like I blend right in! I borrowed Tiff’s shoes which are BCBG and such a steal for $70 because they look so much like the rockstuds from Valentino. I have been OBSESSED with rockstuds for years, so when I saw that Tiff was getting these shoes, I couldn’t wait to steal them out of her closet. Because the shoes are so flashy, I went with a muted earth tone outfit to balance and contrast.

10377352_10152744951114677_4406287153321578601_n 11053247_10152744951219677_9103787570858379253_n10476489_10152744951994677_263246638575255759_n

Coffee&Eats: I had a hazelnut latte and their turkey pesto panini (which I forgot to take a photo of…silly me) Both were amazing. I don’t always get salads with my sandwiches, but I would totally recommend getting the side salad here. The dressing they use (some kind of vinaigrette?) was so yummy!!

Portfolio Coffeehouse Earth TonesEarth tones selfie

On a side note, my fringe is at this awkward length where they don’t want to side sweep, and they’re too long to be blunt bangs. Soooo.. yea. Sorry bout it.



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