Five: You’re Doing It Wrong

This post is dedicated to 5 common things that so many of us girls do. And I’m here to tell you with some sarcasm and a lot of love, you’re probably doing it wrong.

1. Bras

Perhaps one of the biggest girl things you are doing wrong are bras. You might be one of those people who tries on a bra, it feels a little tight so then you size up. NOPE. You are doing it wrong. Bras stretch out over time, and in order to get the most wear from your bra, you should buy one that will hook onto the loosest hooks. It should not be squeezing the crap out of your back, but if it’s just a little tighter, you might want to just suck it up for a week or two.You’ll be able to wear it longer. This way, when the bra stretches you have two more hooks to go into.


girly life hacks tips girl bra 2

As your bra stretches out over time, you should move towards the inside hooks.


girly life hacks tips girl

2. Bobby Pins


WAVY SIDE DOWN. If you’re one of those people who keep the wavy side up, you are doing it wrong. The wavy part of the bobby pin grips your hair much better than the straight side will (obvi, duh.) So remember, keep that wavy side DOWN.

3. Lipstick

lipstick doing it wrong

If you’re one of those people who go straight for lipstick after you’ve applied all your makeup, you are doing it wrong. That’s the surest way to end up with a less than smooth application. You should always apply chapstick before you lipstick. If you don’t want to end up with those little dents and dry flaky skin on your lips, put on some chapstick before you start putting on makeup. That way, when you’re ready for your lipstick, your lips are all moisturized and ready to go.

Bonus: Another thing that we do wrong, call lip balms, Chapstick. I’ts like calling all tissues, Kleenex or all bandages, Band-Aids. Chapstick is the company name of a brand of lip balm. So. replace all chapstick words above with lip balm. I’m too lazy to do it.

4.  TOMS


Very specific, but so many of us own these, that it must be said. If you’re an in-between size, SIZE DOWN. These canvas material shoes stretch out so much over time that in order to get the most wear from these babies, you gotta size down. Or you know, you can just buy your regular size, wear them much less than you could, buy another pair, and support another child getting new shoes. That’s cool too. That’s something you’re doing right.

5. Setting Multiple Alarms

alarm doing it wrong

How many of our alarms look like THAT?

We do it to prepare our bodies for this awful thing called morning. I get the twisted logic behind it, because snoozing and then falling back asleep is just so tempting and glorious. And those damn blankets. They got you in a messy love affair. I know. But we really should practice self control and set ONE alarm and wake up by that ONE alarm. We are just MUCH more well rested  if we don’t interrupt our sleep with 5 million alarms. If you find that you just can’t do it, set your phone far enough away from your bed that you have to get up and walk to it to shut it off. We’re far less likely to fall back asleep if we are actually up and out.

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