CTC on Instagram: January Coffee Shots

I know, it’s already 10 days into February, but I’ve just had an insane few days and I think I’m sick, soooo excuse the late post!

I drink way too much coffee and attempt to take way too many photos of coffee and coffee related things to not share.. so without further ado, here’s all the pretty little pictures I’ve attempted taking throughout the month of January in one organized little place.

caffe beneiced lattes from caffe bene (DELICIOUS)

candle coffeePlacing a tea light in coffee beans makes your room smell like an amazing little coffee shop. Who doesn’t want that?

mason jar

mason jar coffee 2


Enjoying a hazelnut iced coffee next to my coffee tea light. Double the coffee, double the happy. hat and sunnies

85 degreesSea Salt House Coffee from 85 bakery.


Happy coffee drinking,



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