Creme & Sugar: Coffee Shop Love

My newest coffee shop obsession is Creme & Sugar in Anaheim.

That’s not to be confused with the Cream (with an a) and Sugar in La Habra.  They’re fine. But Creme & Sugar is better.

Coffee shops are a dime a dozen in Orange County, but the REALLY great ones are few and far between. Most of the popular ones serve decent coffee, but what makes me want to spend an entire morning or afternoon at a coffee shop? Obviously, the coffee. But some other things that play a huge role in my coffee shop choices are ambiance, WiFi/outlet availability, location, and the baristas.

Creme & Sugar is named for the fact that it is a coffee and dessert parlor, as well as the usual “cream and sugar” that goes into your coffee. It’s cute, right? They’re a pretty small shop considering the fact they’re a dessert parlor, but they have all the necessary fixings: ice-cream, a hot chocolate bar, great coffee, cake, cookies, and pastries. They even have shaved ice! Side note: their honey-lavender cake is TO DIE FOR.


Are you drooling? It’s okay, I think we all are.
Their survival bark is what I imagine unicorn poop would look like.
Giant. Circus. Animal. Cookies.

My favorite drink at Creme & Sugar has got to be the Salty Brew. I don’t usually like super sweet drinks, but this is equal parts strong and delicious. It’s their cold brew with a caramel drizzle, and house made sea salt cream poured on top. Yes, it is as good as it sounds.

The interior is also adorable–very… parlor-y. When I heard coffee and dessert parlor, I thought I was going to expect some kind of 50s soda fountain/milk shake/ice-cream place. I was wrong. Take a look for yourself (:
14238170_10153905209994677_4135363708792137283_n14191983_10153905210054677_5127591999154732799_n creme-and-sugar

14199256_10153905209674677_1848824196636243475_nThis is my usual work space. They have free wifi, four outlets right under that chair, and during the day, it is not nearly as crowded as some other popular coffee shops. I will say, it gets pretty poppin’ around 3 pm, when school gets out. Families FLOOD in after school to share some sweet treats, but then it mellows out again. All of the baristas are super friendly and happy to meet your coffee and dessert needs!

It’s been a while since I discovered a hidden gem coffee shop, I almost want to keep it to myself. But good things should be shared.



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