Comic Book T-Shirt

Who says you can’t be fashionable in a comic book t-shirt? I think graphic tees are a great way to stay comfortable, express yourself, and have some fun with casual fashion. A comic book t-shirt accomplishes all that to me. I’m such a girly-girl, but I definitely have that tomboyish side to me, so this outfit was really fun to put together. I also happened to be wearing this Captain America tee on the day of midterm elections. I felt extra patriotic thank you very much.

Comic Book Hopscotch

To keep the tough Captain America vibe going, I put on a mixed leather/moto jacket. The weather was on and off hot this day, so I rolled my sleeves. I threw on my grey jeans and was SO TEMPTED to wear my red high top converse, but because a comic book t-shirt is so casual, I decided to class it up a bit by wearing my black heeled ankle booties. Like my jacket, the booties were two toned, so I thought it went pretty well together. To add that extra girly detail, my light pink chanel side purse.

comic book tee close - Copy


Comic Book Kentro 3 Comic Book Kentro 4

Accessories are a must. To go better with my slate grey jeans, and the hardware on my purse,  I threw on some silver rings.

Comic Book Wood 2
I love graphic tees in general, but the comic book t-shirt really takes my heart. With the craze of all things Marvel lately, how could I not? I probably have way too much Captain America paraphernalia…so sue me.


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