So..um..we may be.. a tiny bit.. just a teen bit… addicted to MASTER CHEF/JUNIOR. Lovable Gordon Ramsay, food, AND cute kids?! Come on. How can a show get ANY better? After Jessica binge watched the first season, she just had to try Gordon Ramsay’s food. What Jessica wants, Jessica gets. So Tracie, Tiffany, June, and Jessica just picked themselves up and landed themselves in Vegas to try BurGR.

1. Food

From Left to Right: 1. Truffle Parmesan Fries 2. Gordon Ramsay’s Menu 3. Beer-Battered Maui Onion Rings
Middle: 1. Chanterelle Burger (inside view) 2. BurGR display 3. Chanterelle Burger (full view)
Bottom Left to Right: 1. Earth Burger (added a fried egg) 2. Gordon Ramsay’s wonderful face 3. Brittania Burger


  • Truffle Parmesan Fries (11.00): Hand-Cut fries served with truffle parmesan, truffle salt, and truffle aioli. Tracie and Jessica love their french fries. These were just some thick, solid fries. There wasn’t anything that stood out about them particularly, but they were nonetheless, delicious. (P.S. these were HOTHOTHOT. Do NOT get excited and just put them in your mouth!)
  • Beer-Battered Maui Onion Rings (9.00): these are served with parmigiano-reggiano cheese on top and chipotle ketchup/cheddar ranch for dipping. These were better than the french fries. They were huge, warm ,and crispy. Just how onion rings should be

BurGR Time:

  • Earth Burger (15.00): This is a vegetarian option with a grilled portobello mushroom (instead of meat), fontina cheese, arugula, and some roasted tomato. This burger is so good you won’t even miss the meat on this one. Also, you can add an egg for some extra protein… but really eggs just make everything better.
  • Chanterelle Burger (16.00): This one comes with MEAT, chanterelle mushrooms, arugula, and some figgy-onion jam. If you’ve never heard of chanterelle mushrooms, it’s because they are a little more expensive and hard to find. They are also called the “golden chanterelle” for their looks (golden, obviously), price, and most importantly, taste. If you’ve never had these mushrooms before, give them a try.
  • Britannia Burger (14.00): Again, MEAT, english sharp cheddar, mango chutney, and arugula. The mango chutney was the standout in this burger. It was just the right amount of sweetness to balance the sharp cheddar and the bitter arugula.

2. Prices

  • As shown above, everything ranged from about $10-$20. A little pricey for your average fastfood burger, but BurGR isn’t exactly your average fast food burger. Can’t complain about the price point. You get what you pay for here (:

3. Ambience

  • This is where the restaurant truly shined. The set up, cutlery, seating, color themes, etc. were all something to truly aspire for a higher scale burger joint. When you have a multi-Michelin star winning chef running this place, you can bet that the restaurant decor will be up to par. The fiery BURGR display in front of the restaurant was awesome to say the least and provided a nice heater for those coming in from the cold outside (Vegas gets COLD in the winter). When we sat down, we just looked around the restaurant for a good 5 minutes noticing all the little details. Everything was uniform, clean, but still had a fun burger joint feel.
  • The tables were just the right distance from each other, so no awkward staring from neighboring tables.
  • BurGR is very trendy and “hip”. There was a great buzz of energy all around.

4. Service

  • All of the servers at BurGR seemed great. They were efficient, quick on their feet, and happy to serve.
  • One small distraction, GOODNESS GRACIOUS those hostess dresses were SHORT. They all had this uniform of a grey utility type dress with red details/piping which stopped literally an inch below their butts. Like if they bent over, I could probably see crack. It was THAT bad.

5. Convenience

  • It’s Vegas. It’s Gordon Ramsay. You’re probably going to wait a little.
  • HINT: When we first arrived, there was a huge line from the hostess table. Our friend June just waltzed up to the hostess desk, put in our name, and they said they would text us when our table was ready. I guess there was no reason to be waiting in line? Beats us why everyone was standing there.
  • It’s Vegas. There are a TON of things to do while you wait. It’s right inside Planet Hollywood which has a HUGE area to shop, walk around, drink, etc. Go do something fun! And if your feet hurt from all the walking around, drink a little more so you don’t feel your feet! (haha just kidding..)


All in all, we’re going to give BurgR 4 shots. It was delicious food, at an above average price point, in Las Vegas, thought up by the wonderful Gordon Ramsay. If you’re going to Vegas, give it a shot (punny, right?)! The food will not disappoint and you get to look at a slightly disfigured Gordon Ramsay on the menu.

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