Brand Refresh: Carillo & Co.

You guys.

My blog looks LEGIT.

white and black

And I can say that objectively because I didn’t even do it. This new look is all thanks to creative powerhouse Carillo & Co.

I worked with Joanna on a show last year and I was in total awe of her as a performer. Through her instagram, I found out she’s also a super talented artist, but after working with her on a brand refresh I found out she’s also an amazing photographer and graphic designer. Can we say like..quadruple threat??  She and her husband run Carillo & Co. and together, they do design, styling,  and commissioned artworks.

When Joanna first contacted me to collaborate, I was absolutely thrilled to be working with her on a fun project, but to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I was going to leave the process completely up to them. She asked me to meet for a photo shoot, but before we shot we talked aesthetics, likes, dislikes, etc. She asked all the right questions, I gave her references, etc. And we started shooting:

coffee close up coffee details shot full body looking out

I’ve been shot many times by friends and professional photographers alike. But I have to say, Joanna was one of my favorites to shoot with just because she was so warm and encouraging, PLUS she understood the humor of posing for photographs with strangers just walking on by… She also took charge of the whole process from location and props, to editing and sending me the files; all without me having to do ANYTHING (except stand there and look pretty…) And before I knew it, I had a logo and brand that I absolutely adored:

Black and white KakaoTalk_20150813_171724250 KakaoTalk_20150813_171724551 KakaoTalk_20150813_171725506


I think embarking on a creative pursuit or collaboration can be pretty nerve-wracking. What if you don’t like the final product? How do you tell them without seeming rude? What if this ruins your relationship? (I’m being a little melodramatic here..)

But working with Carillo & Co. was just amazing. I’m so so happy with the way that it all turned out and I can’t WAIT to see what they continue to do! If you want a daily creative fix as you’re scrolling through your instagram, follow them:

Carillo&Co.: @carilloandco

Joanna: @mrsjocarillo

Andrew: @acarillo

or give their fb page a like!!




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