Barcelona Day Three: Parc Guell

Our main event for today was Parc Guell, but our tickets to “the bench” were for much later in the day, so we grabbed a BIG breakfast and headed over to the Picasso museum. Jackie was super excited about taking us to a very popular “brunch” place called Milk. But it probably had a SUPER long wait, and we were starving by the time we got a start to our morning. So we went to its lesser known, but equally good, sister restaurant, Marmalade. (Spain doesn’t really do brunch, it was a very Americanized Spanish restaurant complete with a Alice In Wonderland-esque theme)
marmalade parc guell
We made every attempt for our whole trip to stay away from “American” experiences, but I have to admit, this was a welcome taste of home complete with eggs benedict, Monte Cristo, and veggie omelette. Oh yes and dirt cheap, excellent americanos.

After breakfast, we saw a few cool things before heading over to the Picasso museum. We went to Happy Pills, a little candy shop, and saw a fun photo op in front of a Barcelona sign, and of course, all the AWESOME alleys and architecture. We even stopped at Chok again and grabbed a kronut for later. We couldn’t resist!!! happy bills and barca sign


Then we headed over to the Picasso Museum where we got to go in for FREE! If memory serves me right, by the time we got there, it was around 2 pm, and they start giving out free tickets then for a 3:00 entrance. So we stood in line, got our tickets and then walked to a little cafe around the corner to wait. While we were there, we got awesome cheap coffee, and had the chance to buy some post cards to send out to a handful of people (:


Sorry that I can’t post beautiful pictures of Picasso’s work. No photos inside the gallery were permitted. But the museum itself was so lovely!

picasso museumThe gallery was full of Picasso’s earlier works. I’m going to be very honest here. All my life, I’ve appreciated Picasso in the sense that he’s “one of the greats”. You’re supposed to look at his disfigured, strangely proportioned paintings and ooh and ahh at his brilliance. But this gallery featured more than his abstract/cubism/surrealist style of painting. It tracked all of his works from when he was a young boy to when he was in art school, and eventually to how he developed his own unique style. This museum gave me a much greater appreciation to how talented Picasso truly was. But more on that later.

By the time we were done with the Picasso Museum, it was time to head over to Parc Guell. We walked, took some public transportation, almost got pick pocketed yet again, you know the normal stuff.

Much like Casa Batllo, the number of pictures I took at Parc Guell are insane and I had such issues choosing which ones to post, but here they are.

parc guell mosaic tiles galore
When we arrived, we still had some time before our turn on the benches, so we hiked up a small hill to get to the highest point of Parc Guell. On the highest point, they built a structure so that you can take some of the most gorgeous photos overlooking Barcelona.
the view parc guellSo pretty, right? So after hiking up to this high point, we headed back down for our turn on the bench. Now, I’ve mentioned “the bench” a few times throughout this post, and I bet you’re all wondering what that is. It is the main attraction of Parc Guell–on the rooftop of the main building, Gaudi built in a bench filled with his signature mosaic tiles. It is GORGEOUS. parc guell the bench
The only downside I guess would be that despite the fact that you have to buy tickets to take photos on the bench, there are still SO MANY people there. We hung out at the bench for a good 20 minutes trying to get a GREAT picture that didn’t include 748392432 extra people in it. Luckily, I have patience and got to capture some of the amazing details on this bench. bench details parc guellAnd then there’s the actual view you get from sitting on the benches. Again, near impossible to get a photo without people EVERYWHERE, but I tried. Apologies to the rest of my group for having to stand there while I attempted to capture the perfect photo. DSC_0386
And this is what the bench looks like away from the building:

Okay okay, I’m finally done with Parc Guell and the bench. Our group was pretty exhausted after this, but we needed food, so Jackie lead the group over to Carrer de Verdi, a street filled with great tapas restaurants a mile or so away from Parc Guell. We walked there with our aching feet so ready to eat. We walked into a random restaurant thinking that we would grab a couple dishes and hop around. NOPE. We liked it so much we stayed.

First of all, our waiter kinda looked like Grey Worm (played by Jacob Anderson) from Game of Thrones, so adorable, and then he recommended a bottle of wine that in my opinion, was the best wine we had in Spain.
Then we had a bunch of tapas, most of which are not pictured here, and yes, that is sangria. We ordered a bottle of wine and then some sangria. Don’t judge us! (that’s meant to be read in a very sassy tone)
parc guell dinner

We left thoroughly pleased with our meal and ready to knock out for the night.
Sorry Day 3 took so long to get out. Although it takes you like 2 minutes to read through this whole post, it takes me several hours to write it. Be patient with me and stay tuned for Day 4…Madrid!!



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