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I don’t want to share these tips with you! I don’t wanna! It’s taken me years! (just being overdramatic here. Don’t mind me.) Here are some Amazon tips that will hopefully blow your mind (and not a hole in your wallet)!

1.) Amazon Prime

You’ve probably heard of Amazon Prime with it’s free two-day shipping, reduced one-day shipping, and netflix-like Amazon Prime movie/tv selection. But, did you know it also comes with other perks? The Amazon Prime TV Selection has its own “Not on Netflix” section for you to browse through. With the kindle app, you can rent select books once a month. They sometimes run special pre-release books that you can read for free or at a discount. You also get special discounts with the Kindle. I got my Kindle Paperwhite at a deeply reduced discount because Amazon decided to thank me for using Prime. No, thank YOU, Amazon. I love my Paperwhite.

2.) Amazon Student/Amazon Mom

If you’re a college student, you get Prime one year for free. After that it’s $39 a year while you’re a student. The actual Prime subscription is running at $99 dollars so that is a steal. Amazon Mom is the same concept. But, it’s free for three months and $79 dollars after that. It’s not a student discount, but hey, it’s still going to help!

3.) Deals

There are always deals for you at Amazon to take advantage of. There are a lot more than you think, though! Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, Savings at Amazon, Digital Deals, Amazon Local Deals, and Coupons! Go HERE to see them all!

4.) Higher Returns

If you are trying to sell textbooks or old electronics. Amazon pays the most for these items. Trust me, I’ve checked. The ONLY downside is they pay you back with an Amazon gift card. But hey, you know you’re going to buy more stuff on Amazon. As a student, renting/selling/buying textbooks was easy with Amazon. Being a technology nerd, getting the option to get the most money at Amazon, allowed me to get newer technology at a lower price.

5.) Warehouse Deals

Did you know that Amazon had its own outlet-like warehouse? CLICK ME! The products sold here are returned, warehouse damaged, refurbished, or used products that are sold through Amazon. Some products are prime eligible so you can use that membership. They don’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but they do come with Amazon’s. Do I even need to tell you how great their customer service is? (It’s AWESOME)


As you can see, we have a lot of love for Amazon. It makes our lives easier! We are all about making your life easier here at CTC. Thanks for reading and we hope you can fully utilize your money with these tips!

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