48 Hr. Seattle Adventure

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Blogging and I have always had a rocky relationship. It’s one of those awkward on again, off again, love/hate type things.. the timing is never right..you get it?  If you follow me on instagram (@coffeethenchaos), you’d see that I’ve actually been up to a lot of things, like my Seattle Adventure!  But now I’m just bursting to share all the food, travels, coffee, etc. with THE WHOLE WORLD. So, I don’t want to jinx it but, I love blogging again.

The Honey Badgers and I went to Seattle back in April/May. We’ve been on a couple jam packed trips before, but this Seattle Adventure was next level. We packed light, literally a backpack, and left to catch a red eye at 4 in the morning on Saturday, April 30. We landed in Seattle by 6 a.m. Then, we grabbed a rental car and started our 48 hr. trip!

My first snap from the car in Downtown Seattle.

First stop, Pike Place Market! When I’m traveling with the Badgers, we want to eat as much as possible. So we pretty much get little portions of EVERYTHING we can possibly get our hands on.

Pike Place market Seattle Adventure (1)

When in Pike Place Market, apparently you MUST stop at Pike Place Chowder. We got the sampler which means you take your pick of four of their chowders and get 5 oz. of each.Pike Place Chowder Seattle AdventureAll of them were pretty fantastic. But I have to say, the classic New England Clam Chowder never fails. We also got a cup of mac and cheese from Beecher’s, drinks from Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Marionberry & Caramel Slice yogurt from Ellenos, a fruit and a veggie piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky, a dozen+ powdered sugar, sprinkle, and cinnamon sugar donut holes from Daily Dozen Doughnut Co. I’m pretty sure there was more. Actually, I’m certain there was more. But I’m not sure what those are. It was a lot of food. A LOT of food. 13886993_10153819599919677_3605771919726105751_n

(photo credit: June Cho)
(photo credit: June Cho)
(photo credit: June Cho)

While meandering around Pike Place Market, Tiff and I were coordinating a meet up with our friend, Rachel, who is a Seattle, WA native. She had recently moved back home from So. Cal, so this was a fantastic opportunity for us to catch up, and be shown around Seattle by a local! She took us to Seattle Coffee Works where we got pour overs!
And after chatting for a bit, it was time to check into our hotel. We decided that an hour of chill time was necessary on account of food coma and all.

Before we knew it, we were out and about again. This time, we were in search of some serious pie. Seriously. 13880230_10153819600509677_5605071660944332574_n

Wine. Beer. Pizza. YES.
Wine. Beer. Pizza. YES.
Rachel!! Plus the Honey Badgers

Our day wasn’t quite over yet. As full as we were, we had ONE full day in Seattle, and that was today. We were gonna eat everything in sight, and see all that we can see. After dinner, Rachel took us to Capitol Hill, a super hipstery/young adult town, where we got Molly Moon’s ice-cream.

The cutest little puppy is part of their logo!

Molly Moon Seattle AdventureAnd for the last activity of the day, we went to Kerry Park where we watched the sunset over the gorgeous Seattle skyline.Kerry Park Seattle Adventure13906885_10153819602864677_4708660228820169785_nFinally, end of day. We headed back to our hotel where we knocked out and slept in cause we were EXHAUSTED. As great as a 48 hr. Seattle Adventure sounds, we’re all kind of old grandmas, who wanna hang, but can’t FULLY hang.

The next morning we grabbed breakfast at TOULOUSE! I guess it’s a super popular breakfast place because the wait was forever and a day.


Obviously, we had some time. But the wait was absolutely worth it.
13938558_10153819607594677_3305908580866052941_nAfter breakfast, we walked over to the International Fountain where we sat in the park and watched little children (and let’s be real, their parents too) run around and shriek at this ginormous hunk of metal as it spat out water. It’s a lot more entertaining than it sounds. Or maybe exactly as entertaining as it sounds…

(photo by: June Cho)
(photo by: June Cho)

We only stayed for a little while because we knew we wanted enough time at the Chihuly Museum before it closed. And okay, before I say anything about that place, just look at the photos and let them speak for themselves.

13872891_10153819608389677_5028693478577677751_n 13895044_10153819608254677_8388146190786768049_n 13902748_10153819608149677_195185207498059009_n

(photo by: June Cho)
(photo by: June Cho)

13912831_10153819607314677_5469516403255320466_nYea… you get what I mean? This museum was absolutely beautiful. The colors, the designs… goodness gracious, it must be one of my favorite spaces in the whole world. And the outside is equally gorgeous, with an awesome view of the Space Needle!

After Chihuly, it was time to part ways with Rachel. She had to go to work, and we had one more stop before closing the book on our Seattle Adventure.

Despite the fact that we had GREAT weather the entire time we were there, Seattle is kind of known for its plentiful rain. So, the plant life there is AMAZINGLY green. With this in mind, we knew we just had to stop by the Seattle Arboretum.

13166053_10153555370376845_8109062061205946400_n 13962753_10153819612919677_1827811515828762705_n 13895461_10153819613079677_543279253961939785_n

The arboretum did not disappoint. It was totally free, and we didn’t even explore a tenth of the place. There are trails and hills full of plants and flowers that stretch on and on. When we had our fill of nature (except for Jess, Jess can never have enough), we went over to the airport, dropped off the rental car, flight got delayed, washed our faces and took off our makeup so we could just KNOCK OUT when we got home, and drove from LAX back to OC… 48 hrs. after we left.

And that my friends, is how you do Seattle in 48 hours.



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